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What do YOU want to be known for?

Make your journey count

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What do YOU want to be known for?

What do YOU want to be known for?

Exceptional competence.
Boundless compassion.
Standing up for the vulnerable.
Changing the game.

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What do I want to be known for?


I want to be known for carrying the legacy of my people. I want to ensure that the stories, the names, the work, the sacrifices, the life, the death, the celebration, and the beauty is real-- and not just real to me, but real to everyone.

I want to be known as the nurse who doesn't see my position just at the bedside, because that's the easiest part to fix, but that I'm taking on the challenge of trying to prevent firearm violence.

Sometimes, I look back, and I'm like, I shouldn't even be here. I grew up around a lot of adversity, a lot of challenges. So now that I'm here, I want to be known for the person that came back to my community and made a change. And that is truly what I want to do.

We know the influence of data that we're collecting every day, understanding what real women go through during pregnancy, and labor, and delivery really impacted my life. And it really changed the goals that I had for myself in research and teaching in the future. I want to be known for changing the game.

I want to be known for being able to be compassionate when caring for others.

I think I really want to be known for my impact.

Standing up and speaking for the people that can't speak for themselves.

I want to be known as a change agent.

And I hope to train the nurses of the future and share the love of my profession with them.