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Make your journey count


Whether full- or part-time, master’s-bound or doctorally-driven, we offer programs that suit nurses at every professional stage ready to take their nursing up a notch.


One of my biggest regrets in life was not going straight off to college after high school. I did go into the Marine Corps. I joined the fire service. And I wanted to go back and fix one of those regrets.

I saw the opportunities in nursing, and I was drawn to the University of Virginia. I really enjoyed school life and wanted to keep going. And I knew that the FNP program would be a great second career for me. At the beginning, I was worried about how I would handle that and whether I could stay faithful to school, stay faithful to my family. I'm married, I have two children. The university has made it all happen.

There are sacrifices with everything, but anything good in life comes with sacrifice. And that makes it that much better. The faculty and staff here have really become like second family and friends to you. And they give you every opportunity to grow.

If you work hard, they're there to support you 100%. The alumni base is tremendous. I've had several job offers, and we're not even finished yet. Walking out the door with that diploma is a huge achievement, something that I'm going to be proud of forever. I know no better place to form a well-rounded health care provider.