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In labs, classrooms, and clinics, we’re passionate about digging deep for answers that inform, improve, and embolden care.


I became a nurse about four years ago before deciding to go back and become a PhD student. My goal, through my research, is to help unravel some of the complexities of diseases during pregnancy, so whether that be gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. I really hope to use data science and analytics to better understand some of the complexities that happen in our bodies.

So I came here, as a new graduate nurse, and was really just blown away by the amount of people I felt who were doing quality work and really cared about the material that they were working with. And I think staying here really just enforced that. The opportunity to go to multiple places on grounds, to learn and explore from new faculty I thought was exceptional.

I think the pursuit of a PhD requires innate discovery and exploration. And for me, I've always been interested in answering the questions. And I felt as a clinical nurse, I was doing a lot of the go-to items, how to help somebody in the moment. But I feel like the process of getting a PhD and honing in on a research question allows me to help answer questions on a higher level that will hopefully impact larger and larger populations.

As an aspiring PhD student and an applicant, it's really important to consider the university and the environment for research. And UVA, I think, is particularly relevant across many disciplines. The great thing about UVA is that not only can you source faculty and research projects in the School of Nursing but also places across grounds. So we have students go to the law school. Myself, I spent a lot of time in the Data Science Institute, as well as multiple disciplines. And that's really what should drive your decision-making in choosing UVA.