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One of the unique opportunities is the collaboration with the faculty here. They are already existing leaders in the health care field already. And it's wonderful to see their dissemination of their knowledge and experience here at our program.

We are at a time in our American health care system where we need radical change. And nurses need to be prepared to have the tools, the skills, the knowledge to be the leaders in our health care system to drive the change that we all know is needed. So that why comes from very deep and will lead, I think, our nurses who graduate to be the change we need in the system and be that leader.

I've been a nurse and a nurse practitioner for 17 years. I'm currently the president of the Virginia council on nurse practitioners. During my doctoral education, I had a unique opportunity to really study and evaluate what I was doing on a daily basis. And the DMP has certainly given me the confidence and the skill set to lead an organization in Virginia, to tackle the existing legislative barriers, to improve access and choice to nurse practitioners, to consumers, and the commonwealth.

We need leaders-- people who can change health care and make it better. I love to see our students graduate. They are going to change health care. They're the future.