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Find your success

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Bright, passionate, devoted, accessible: Meet some of UVA Nursing’s exceptional professors.


I would describe myself as courageous.



Energetic. We don't have enough time to talk about my colleagues, because the faculty here at the School of Nursing are incredible role models. They are so invested in the success of our students.

I am pretty intensely committed to ideas around social justice and really bring that into my work. I want the research that I do and the teaching that I do to really make change.

I was working in a rural hospital in Haiti. I was not a nurse. I was a clown. I felt this sense of shock in my body. I said, what am I doing as a clown juggling for kids when there are kids in this world starving in Haiti, which is a country that's only a couple hours away from the U.S. So I decided to come back to school to become a nurse, and I actually trained in this program almost 10 years ago as a student. And now, I'm excited and fortunate to be able to teach in the program. It's nice to come back home.

I just finished my term as president of the largest specialty nursing organization in the world, the American Association of Critical-Care nurses. I have always loved nursing. I am a critical-care nurse and a palliative care nurse practitioner. And I wanted to work in a school that was prioritizing healthy requirements.

I'm passionate about educating the next generation of students, the next generation of nurses, because I need somebody to take my place. I was working at UVA hospital, which is actually right across the street. But one day, the dean called and said, do you want to come and teach? And I said, OK, I'll try it for a year, and that was 20 years ago.

We have a really familial type of relationship with each other. We're like a big family. And I know that might sound a bit cliche, but we actually really are. We look out for each other. We have fundamentally the same types of beliefs and the same values and principles. And so all of us are working together towards the same goal, and it's a very inclusive space, where when you come here, you automatically feel like you've arrived home.