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Find your success

Reaching your Maximum Potential with the DNP

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The difference that getting a nurse practitioner degree will have for me is that I'm going to transition to a different role as a nurse, now, to a provider, having a lot more autonomy in my decision-making. I'm going to be looking at the big picture of population health and how I can make big picture changes for quality improvement. So I really see that this is setting me up to be a leader and a change agent in health.

As advanced practice nurse, I will have a lot more responsibility and learning how to do better research, learning how to then disseminate that information so that we can implement it into practice. That's what I'm learning here.

I think for me, I really felt like, wow, can I do this? I've been working for seven years. And can I go back to being a student? But I actually found that I really excelled being a full-time student. Financial aid was a huge driving force for me. Virginia offers a great value of a school with an excellent education.

My psych/mental health nurse practitioner's degree, it has a lot to do with where I've come from and the communities that I've served working in the prison system. The more people understand and reference to mental health and how we can help people, the better that we can serve the people that need our help. Really, when you're an advanced practice nurse, you're there to support and grow and cultivate others. So I'm learning how to then turn around and to teach somebody else so that we can continue to have good, strong, knowledgeable nurses.