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Find your success

PhD in Nursing Science

With the need for nursing academics and researchers never greater, an exceptional route for the next generation of nurse scientists and scholars.


In our PhD program, we're looking for good students, obviously, but good students who have passion and who have vision, who really want to not just learn in the classroom but seek out mentors, seek out opportunities. We have so many of them here, not just in the School of Nursing, but across the many schools of the university. And so we want students who are really going to use those resources and have really amazing interdisciplinary experience that is going to give them the skills that they need to go on and change the world.

The financial aid package played a huge role for me, because I have a family. I felt more in charge of the process, because they had the information upfront, and then I could save, and I could plan based upon that for a very long time, which is three years. My research is in firearm violence. We pursue every other aspect of public health in terms of prevention and firearms, we're still treating in the trauma and critical care setting, which is my clinical background.

Particularly I was interested in the presence or absence of nature within hospitals and the effect on well-being of our patients. I was very interested in the history of that. Why the pendulum swung away from using those naturalistic elements in health care design and then how we can avoid getting away from that again in the future. UVA is obviously a top notch university, and I was able to attend courses in the School of Architecture.

They've been very generous with the funds to attend conferences and also to connect you with other researchers at other universities that can further the information that you need.

You're surrounded by people who really want to make a difference. For our colleagues and fellow classmates and also for the community, and that is a very nice place to be a part of.